Eight Arrested Following Brawl Outside Downtown Bar After Super Bowl

(New Braunfels, TX)  --  A large brawl outside of a local downtown bar may lead to some serious charges after two victims ended up in the hospital, one with knife wounds from a pocket knife. 

The incident happened around midnight following the Super Bowl when a fight began inside of Scores Sports Bar and Grill in the 200 block of West San Antonio Street. 

Officers were called there for reports of a fight involving as many as 10 people that had started in the bar but then had moved out onto the sidewalk in front of the bar. 

When officers arrived, most of the crowd had scattered, but there were two men still there that had obvious signs of injury and trauma. 

One man had been cut with a knife on the wrist and was bleeding heavily, and the other had numerous injuries to his face from punches and kicks. 

Officers investigating the scene found a smashed out window less than a block away and they discovered a bloody pocket knife at the scene. 

They also learned that numerous people involved in the fight had climbed into a white Chevy Silverado pickup truck and fled the scene. 

Officers were able to locate that vehicle a few minutes later in the 100 block of Dallas Street (which is near Christus New Braunfels hospital) and inside they found a total of 8 people: a sober female driver and 7 men that officers say were all intoxicated. 

In fact all 7 of the men, identified as 18-year old Michael Gorman, 25-year old Harry Gorman, 25-year old John Burke, 31-year old James Jennings, 28-year old Edward Gallagher, 21-year old Martin Gallagher, and 21-year old Pat O’Hara, were all arrested for Public Intoxication. 

Investigators say that they are not ruling any of those men out as persons of interest in the melee downtown, and one or more of the men may face 1st degree felony Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon charges. 

An 8th man, 34-year old Peter Hamilton was also arrested back on San Antonio Street, but the female driver near the hospital was released at the scene. 

The two victims were taken to the local hospital for treatment, but none of their wounds were considered life threatening. 

Anyone with information on what happened during that downtown brawl following the Super Bowl is asked to call New Braunfels Police at 221-4100 or call Crimestoppers anonymously at 620-TIPS.