Comal ISD Awarded Major Rebate from CPS Energy

Comal County — 

Representatives from CPS Energy awarded Comal ISD with a rebate check of more than $20,400 for participation in the 2016 Demand Response program.  According to CPS Energy, this voluntary load-curtailment program for commercial customers requires the customer to agree to a limited amount of load-share in kilowatts during peak times from June through September. During this four-month period, officials report they implemented 13-15 “events” when energy demand was high, during which time the district was given two-hour notice to reduce its energy load. Officials add, these events typically occurred between 3:30 and 5:30pm..  During the events, the four designated campuses participating in the program were instructed to reduce energy load by setting thermostats to “unoccupied” set points. This change did not impact areas of the campus in use, as it was directed at unoccupied areas. According to CISD’s HVAC systems administrator, Lee Raspberry, “The more people do this, the less mandatory it will become.”  CISD reports that last year, the district earned $15,541 from its participation in the program.  In addition to the rebates, the program benefits participants by keeping electricity costs down during summer months, ultimately resulting in lower energy rates.


Comal ISD currently has five schools in the CPS service region, with four enrolled in the program, said Roland Garcia, a key account manager with CPS.

CPS will work with the district as the new middle schools are built to ensure lighting, HVAC and other building features meet building code restrictions and results in efficient energy usage.

CPS has set a goal of saving 711 megawatts of energy by 2021, and Comal ISD plans to continue its support by participating in the rebate program for years to come.

Pictured (l-r) CPS Energy Key Account Manager Roland Garcia poses with Assistant Superintendent John Montelongo and HVAC Systems Administrator Lee Raspberry, as Comal ISD staff accepts a check for $20,424 earned as a rebate through the 2017 Demand Response program.