Explore the Gorge- From Tragedy, A Treasure

Comal County-

The devastating flood of 2002 left Comal County with many tragic stories. Army Corps of Engineers officials said it could never happen, and then it did. Thousands of gallons of water poured over the Canyon Reservoir on the afternoon of July 4th.. The rush of water was so powerful, it cut a new path (along an old one), through the existing landscape, to form the Canyon Lake Gorge. According to the GBRA, "one and a half times the amount of water in the lake water poured over the Canyon Spillway during the six-week event, damaging thousands of homes and businesses downstream." From the tragedy of the flood, a true treasure was born. With the surrounding limestone cracked open by the immense power of the water, the rich, red soil unearthed immediately drew the attention of those who saw it.  Even before the bridge was repaired, sight-seers began flocking to the Gorge to see the power of Mother Nature, as well as the beauty left behind. The Gorge has become a destination for geologists, hikers, and other groups, and it’s right here in Comal County. You can "Explore the Gorge,"on your own this Sunday from 10am. until 2pm.. The event is free, and open to ages seven and up. Call 830-964-5424 or go to www.canyongorge.org for more information. Children must be accompanied by parents. (This story has been corrected- the GBRA tells KGNB that, this is in fact, their first un-guided tour of the Gorge.)