Project Lifesaver at NBPD – New Hope for Parents of Wandering Kids

New Braunfels-

This week, the New Braunfels Police Department began taking applications for a new program - one that promises some peace of mind for parents and caregivers of children who often wander off, due to brain disorders like Autism and Down Syndrome.  At their open house to show off the Project Lifesaver program to interested parents, we found the driving force behind it. Sarah Nichols speaks both with the concise voice of her Senior Dispatcher position, and the passionate voice of a concerned parent about the program she helped bring to New Braunfels.  Though Sarah’s wandering child no longer qualifies for the program, she has continued her pursuit to get Project Lifesaver to the NBPD for more than two years.

Project Lifesaver Application Requirements

  1. Must be 18 or under
  2. Must live in the New Braunfels city limits
  3. Must have a clinically diagnosed brain disorder
  4. Must have a 24/7 caregiver
  5. Must be able to wear the bracelet at all times

Link to Project Lifesaver at NBPD: