Tips For a Safe New Year

Uber today released new consumer tips ahead of the ridesharing company's most popular weekend of the year. New Year's Eve is expected to be the busiest night of 2016 for Uber, as thousands of riders throughout Chicago will be heading to and from holiday gatherings across the city.


Safety is always key, so Uber put together a new list of consumer tips for New Year's Eve designed to ensure a smooth and reliable experience for both drivers and riders.


Ring in 2017 With A Designated Driver

Whether you are planning on taking an Uber or having a family member or friend take wheel, make sure you know how you plan on getting home safely before strutting out the door.


Pop. Fizz. Clink. Toast To Leaving Your Car Keys Behind

As people prepare for a fun night out, they should be reminded of the dangers of drunk driving and take the pledge not to drive if their plans include alcohol by leaving the keys behind.


Kiss Surprises Goodbye With Upfront Fares

Peak times on NYE fall typically between midnight and 3am. With upfront fares, you'll see the total cost of your ride before you request. That means riders get to see and approve the fare in advance. There's no math involved, and no surprises. The upfront fare takes into account all the factors that typically impact the price of a trip, including how many people are requesting rides as well as the length of the journey.


The Streets Will Be Crowded, So Check Before You Hop In

Don't forget to double check the car's model and license plate in the app before you hop in your ride, and confirm it's your driver by asking for their name and looking at their picture.


Share your Status

Running late? Let your friends know by sharing your location in real-time so they know when to expect you. Once you're on a trip, just tap "Share Status" to send them a map of your route and expected time of arrival.


Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot...Whoops!

It happens to everyone: You leave your Uber and realize you left something behind in the backseat. When it's your phone, your backpack, or even a shoe (yes, it's happened), with Uber it's easy to recover lost items. Lost and found might come in handy during the holidays when New Year's party favors are apt to get left behind. Here's how:

  • Select "Your Trips" from the top left-hand section of your app and and pick which trip you lost the item.  

  • The best way to retrieve an item you may have left in a vehicle is to call the driver. Select "I lost an item" and scroll down to enter your phone number and tap SUBMIT.

  • Your phone will ring and connect you with your driver's mobile number.

  • If you've lost your phone, please enter a friend's phone number to connect with your driver.


Respectful Rides

To help make Uber better for everyone, make sure to follow our updated Community Guidelines to ensure that both riders and drivers treat each other with respect.