Workgroup Reviews City's Smoking Ordinance

On December 12th City Councilmember Chris Monceballez asked the New Braunfels City Council to consider reviewing and updating the current City ordinance related to smoking. Areas for consideration included vaping technology, expansion of the locations where smoking is prohibited indoors (in an effort to broaden employee protection from second-hand smoke), and possible smoking distance requirement from facility entrances.


Council unanimously agreed that a stakeholder workgroup should be assembled to develop recommendations to the Council.  This workgroup consists of Councilmember Monceballez and representatives from local restaurants, bars and social clubs/organizations. As part of the process, the workgroup is requesting public input meeting for Wednesday, January 18th at 3:00 p.m., at New Braunfels City Hall, 550 Landa Street.  

“It is the intention of the workgroup to present final recommendations to City Council in February or March of 2017,” said City Attorney Valeria Acevedo.  “We encourage interested citizens to attend this meeting, provide comment and share their opinions with the workgroup.”