Community Alert - Suspicious Person Advisory

The New Braunfels Police Department would like to warn the public about a potential scam artist operating in the New Braunfels area.

Over the weekend, NBPD took two reports from residents saying that a man had come to their home claiming that he had lost his phone and that the phone was “pinging” at their residence. In both cases, the man presented another phone with the “Locate my iPhone” app apparently showing his “lost” phone pinging inside the resident’s home. And in both cases, the man tried to use this “evidence” as a way to either gain access to the home or to get the resident to come outside of the home.

The man, described as an Hispanic male in his late teens to early 20’s, first tried this at a home in the Avery Park subdivision and then later at a home near the TA Truck Stop on the north end of the city. And the man is somehow able to give specifics about the daily movements of the would-be victims.

NBPD advises all residents to be cautious when answering their door when a stranger knocks, and to be extra cautious of anyone attempting to gain access to their home. If someone approaches you with this same story, please call New Braunfels Police by either dialing 911 or call our non-emergency number at 830-221-4100.