Public Health Office Offers Chickenpox,Shingles Vaccines

The Comal County Public Health Office is reminding residents to make sure they and their families are vaccinated against chickenpox and shingles, a pair of diseases caused by the same virus.


Although children now are routinely vaccinated against chickenpox, adults age 60 or older likely haven’t been, and are at risk of contracting shingles, a skin rash that can cause severe pain and can last for months, even years.


People who have contracted chickenpox have a one-in-three chance of contacting shingles later in life.”


The Public Health Office can administer the vaccines for those who do not have a regular health care provider. It takes cash, CHIP, Medicaid, Medicare Traditional Part B and Blue Cross Blue Shield. Call 830-221-1150 for cost information and to set up an appointment.