City Urges Mosquito Control Efforts


New Braunfels, Texas — With warmer weather approaching, the City is urging citizens to continue efforts to help control mosquitoes in our area. 

“There are a number of things individuals can do to reduce the risk of exposure to West Nile virus or Zika virus,” said Environmental Services Manager Bryan Ruiz. “The most important actions are to eliminate mosquito-breeding areas in your environment and limit your exposure to feeding mosquitoes.”

Here are some simple recommendations: 

·                Empty out containers that hold water around your home or business, including      gutters

·                Remove standing water from around structures and from flat roofs

·                Water lawns and gardens carefully so water does not stand

·                Change water in pet dishes, wading pools and bird baths frequently

·                Screen rain barrels and openings on water tanks or cisterns

·                Rinse and clean flower vases and other indoor water containers frequently

·                Maintain pools and hot tubs

·                Cover trash containers

·                Report illegal dumping sites and standing water to the City

·                For areas that cannot be drained adequately, use standing water treatment tabs (commonly called “mosquito dunks”) that can be purchased from your local hardware or farm and ranch store

·                Treat front and back door areas around homes with repellants if mosquitoes are abundant nearby

·                Cover up with long-sleeved shirts and long pants when outdoors

·                Maintain window screens

·                Use Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registered insect repellents as directed.

New Braunfels Code Enforcement staff responds to complaints for standing water on uninhabited residential property. Staff will notify the property owners in writing of the potential nuisance on their property and can abate the nuisance if it is not corrected with use of a larvicide.

“We encourage everyone to be part of the solution and eliminate insect breeding areas and larva before they reach the airborne stage,” Mr. Ruiz said. 

“Areas of stagnate water or overgrown vegetation can definitely be a breeding ground for mosquitoes,” noted John Cox, Streets and Drainage Manager.  “The City of New Braunfels has mosquito control service assistance available for public waterways and drainage areas. If you are concerned about a location having the potential for mosquito breeding call 830-221-4030 between 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday – Friday and have the street address of the area of concern available when you call.”

Citizens can also select “I Want To… Get Help with Mosquito Control” from the City’s website at  An on-line form to report an area of concern is available there 24 hours a day.

Mr. Cox also noted, “We have multiple staff members trained in mosquito abatement techniques and they are actively treating areas.  These activities will continue for the remainder of the summer, but we appreciate the public’s help in identifying areas that should be treated.”