Fire in Bed of Pickup Truck Brings I-35 Traffic to a Crawl

(New Braunfels, TX)  --  A fire in the bed of a pickup truck caused a major traffic headache for drivers on I-35 yesterday morning. 

A little after 9am Wednesday, New Braunfels Firefighters responded to the 400 block of Northbound I-35 (just past the Guadalupe River Bridge) and found a large fire burning in the bed of a work truck that had pulled over to the inside shoulder of the highway. 

The two men inside were able to escape without injury, but the fire caused a large amount of thick black smoke, forcing Police and Firefighters to shut down 2 of the 4 lanes in that area, bringing traffic to a slow crawl. 

The cause of the fire is still unknown, but the work truck was on its way to Bastrop to do plumbing repairs and numerous plumbing-related materials burned up in the fire, like sinks, pipes, and a water heater. 

And the heat from the fire caused several small explosions as the fire consumed propane tanks and sealant canisters. 

No injuries were reported, but the truck is considered a total loss along with the 10-thousand dollars of plumbing equipment that was destroyed. 

After the fire was mostly out, firefighters were able to move the truck off the highway and into a nearby parking lot where they finished dousing the flames, allowing traffic to resume its normal flow about 40 minutes after the fire began.