Drought Triggers Extra Monitoring of Comal Springs Through Habitat Conservation Plan

(New Braunfels, TX)  --   The ongoing drought has triggered some extra monitoring of the waters coming from the Comal Springs through the EARIP-created Habitat Conservation Plan.  Field evaluations of endangered species and their habitats in those waters are now being closely monitored by staff and consultants who are now checking those waters every 2 weeks instead of the usual twice a year check-up.  Those biological tests include a detailed evaluation of water quality and overall health of the various protected plants and endangered species.  That includes Texas wild rice and other aquatic vegetation, and the Comal Springs riffle beetle, salamanders, and fountain darters.  The decision to increase monitoring comes just days after the Edwards Aquifer Authority announced Stage 4 Water Restrictions.  The Edwards Aquifer is the source of the only two major springs remaining in Texas, the San Marcos and the Comal Springs which feed into the Guadalupe River.  For more information about the Habitat Conservation Plan, log on to eahcp.org.