NBHS Science Olympiad Team Wins 13 Medals, Places 2nd Overall at Recent Competition

(New Braunfels, TX)  --   The New Braunfels High School Science Olympiad team won a total of 13 medals and placed 2nd overall at the invitational competition held Jan. 24 at Hendrickson High School in Pflugerville. The team competed against 10 other teams from both public and private high schools in a total of 28 competitions.  The NBHS team took home 13 medals, including two first place medals in the “Write It-Do It” and “Chemistry Lab” portions of the event.  Here is the complete list of student competitors and winners in that competition:

The competitors included: Karan Corbell (Sr.), Jocilyn Estes (Sr.), Abbie Grieve (Sr.), Joseph Humphrey (Sr.), Sean Konomos (Jr.), Jay McDonald (Sr.), Iris Montero (Jr.), Connor O’Toole (Sr.), Matthew Rapp (Jr.), Mariah Sanders (Sr.), Jacob Talley (Jr.), Ranjana Vestal (Jr.), Monte Wasson (Jr.) and Peter Wilbert (Jr.). The team sponsor is Laury Atwood.

The NBHS team earned a medal in the following events:

Chemistry Lab - 1st Place, Connor O’Toole and Mariah Sanders

Disease Detectives – 3rd Place, Abbie Grieve and Karan Corbell

Dynamic Planet – 2nd Place, Mariah Sanders and Karan Corbell

Food Science – 2nd Place, Abbie Grieve and Sean Konomos

Green Generation – 2nd Place, Jocilyn Estes and Karan Corbell

Protein Modeling – 3rd Place, Jocilyn Estes and Rani Vestal

TPS – 3rd Place, Mathew Rapp and Peter Wilbert

Write It Do It – 1st Place, Mariah Sanders and Karan Corbell

WGYN – 3rd Place, Maria Sanders and Iris Montero

Air Trajectory – 2nd Place, Jay McDonald and Sean Konomos

Bungee Drop – 2nd Place, Connor O’Toole and Jay McDonald

Mission Possible – 2nd Place, Mariah Sanders and Abbie Grieve

Scrambler – 2nd Place, Mathew Rapp and Karan Corbell