Scrabble Squabble Spurs Spirited Stabbing

(New Braunfels, Tx)--New Braunfels Police say a couple visiting in Canyon Lake Friday night, got into an argument with one-another over a scrabble game, that eventually led to the girlfriend stabbing her long-time boyfriend during their drive back through New Braunfels. NBPD’s communications coordinator, David Ferguson tells KGNB that after the couple got into a verbal argument over the game, the boyfriend decided to drive in to New Braunfels to put the woman on a bus home. During the drive, the woman allegedly broke a wine bottle over the boyfriend’s arm as he was driving, and then stabbed him in the right arm with a shard of that bottle. The two finally came to a stop in the 1200 block of South Seguin Avenue. An onlooker called police saying the woman was screaming and the man was trying to get the woman out of the vehicle. When Police arrived, 53-year-old Kathleen Denise Mosely, was arrested for assault, and taken to the Comal County Jail. According to police, the 55-year-old victim refused treatment.