Stage II Watering Restrictions a Matter of When, Not If.

(New Braunfels, TX)--The summer heat and a lack of rain is taking a heavy toll on more than just local lawns. New Braunfels Utilities Public Affairs Manager, Gretchen Reuwer reports that Edwards Aquifer levels have been dropping at a rate of almost a foot a day since Stage I watering restrictions were enacted by NBU. On August 4th, the J-17 well had dropped to 653 feet- just three-feet above the trigger level for Stage II in New Braunfels. Without rain, you can expect Stage II watering restrictions to return as early as next week. Reuwer adds that despite one-day-a-week watering, NBU is averaging 18-million-gallons of water usage each day. According to Reuwer, that is about eight-million-gallons more than June’s average-when we were getting rain. NBU attributes the increased usage to landscape watering and advises that reductions in that type of non-essential use can help greatly reduce the impact on the aquifer. NBU has also been notified by the Edwards Aquifer Authority (EAA) that Edwards groundwater permit holders, which includes Comal, Guadalupe, and Hays counties, must reduce their annual authorized pumping by 20% to stabilize water levels and spring flow until rainfall replenishes the aquifer. With Stage I and II watering restrictions, NBU customers can use a sprinkler or irrigation system one day a week before 10am. or after 8pm., based on the ending number of a residential or business address: 0 or 1: Monday;

2 or 3: Tuesday; 4 or 5: Wednesday; 6 or 7: Thursday; and 8 or 9: Friday. Use of a hand-held hose, bucket, soaker hose or drip irrigation system is allowed on any day at any time during Stage I. When Stage II is enacted, that usage must take place before 10 a.m. and after 8 p.m.. Below is a link to the EAA’s chart of Critical Period Triggers.


“We can meet mandated reductions and help stabilize water levels and spring flows by observing our local watering rules,” Reuwer says. “NBU has a very diverse and robust water supply. We have been able to successfully manage through dry weather and mandates with our current supply, which is some of the least expensive in the area. Conservation and reducing non-essential use goes a long way towards extending that supply, helping to control treatment costs, and hopefully avoiding or at least delaying further restrictions.” Use of a sprinkler or irrigation system is not allowed on the weekends during Stage I, II, or III. Customers can get the latest watering requirements 24-hours a day by calling the NBU Information Line at (830) 608-8925 or visiting In addition to providing a complete copy of the New Braunfels Water Conservation and Drought Management Plan, the website is also a great place to obtain a landscape watering guideline for New Braunfels, tips on saving water both inside and outside the home, and information about water saving rebates