NBFD Called to Guadalupe River for (Smoke and) Fire on the Water

New Braunfels

The New Braunfels Fire department was called out to the Guadalupe River Tuesday morning, for a boat fire on the water. Officials report that shortly after 6am, NBFD crews arrived at the boat ramp under the IH-35 bridge to a find an unoccupied boat, on fire, and floating down the river. Two NBFD boats were launched, and officials report that, using pipe-poles and chain, boat-crews were able to bring the flaming boat to one side of the river, where firefighters extinguished the fire. The labor-intensive ordeal took about two hours, and in the end, officials say the boat was burned beyond recognition or even identification. According to the report, the boat was launched from the trailer, but the person manning the boat tried to jump-start it. Officials advise a spark caught the vapors around the motor area, which then caught the boat on fire. The estimated damage to the boat is $30,000; with an additional $5,000 in equipment (generators, lighting, fishing gear, etc…).