City of San Marcos Encourages River Safety

(San Marcos, TX)--Following the drowning of an 80-year-old man who had been tubing on the San Marcos River Wednesday, the City of San Marcos has issued a River Safety advisory. The San Marcos River is currently experiencing higher water levels and swifter currents due to recent rains and flooding. The river is still safe to enjoy, but the City of San Marcos does ask all visors and residents to be diligent and practice river safety. Rio Vista Park, Children’s Park, City Park, and Bicentennial Park are all open for use. Tubers are asked to leave the river at Rio Vista Park because of dangerous river conditions beyond that area. The City’s tips to ensure a day of floating or swimming in the City’s open river, could apply to New Braunfels as well as San Marcos. Wear a flotation device if you are not a strong swimmer. While alcohol is permitted in the river, you should avoid river actives when under the influence of alcohol. Don’t swim alone. Watch for overhanging branches or swift currents that may cause tubes to overturn. Check river conditions before braving the waters, and call 911 if you see a life-threatening or emergency situation. That’s it. Be safe, have fun, drink responsibly, and don't litter.