Disaster Recovery

(South Central Texas)--Refer to the Disaster Recovery webpage for contact information and damage reporting.

Damage assessments started on October 31st with the City's building department and New Braunfels Community Emergency Response Team (NBCERT) staff; this is not for insurance information, it is for FEMA and to help individuals know where they stand.

Individuals will need to obtain a building permit for all work to be done on buildings due to damage from the October 30, 2015 storms; however, there will NOT be a charge for the permit.

Debris removal from properties started on Monday, November 2nd.

Gruene United Methodist Church, at 2629 Common Street, has cleanup kits that people who have been effected by the flooding can pick up during regular work hours between Monday and Friday. People should contact Pastor Karen of the Gruene Methodist Church - (830) 625-7200.