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Children's Advocacy Center of Comal County

Shannon Dixon Director of Outreach at the Children’s Advocacy Center of Comal County tells Rachel that their work at CAC hasn’t stopped, but CDC guidelines are being followed. She also talks about how we can learn to spot the signs of abuse in children.

Dr. Dorothy Overman talks with Rachel about the unknown behavior of this novel Coronavirus, the positive impact CDC guidelines being followed has had on our community, and what it may look like as kids head back to school this month.

Andrew Kim Comal ISD Superintendent talks with Rachel about the logistics of school starting for kids remote learning and those who chose in person/in classroom this year.

Adam Robinson Executive Director River City Advocacy and Counseling Center talks with Rachel about the mental impact of Covid-19 and ways to cope. He also shares about the new RCA building under construction.

Jacob Huereca Chief Operating Officer at Connections Individual and Family Services saying goodbye to Kellie Stallings as he prepares to take over the work for a seamless transition.
Jennifer Covington New Braunfels Christian Ministries Development Director talks to Rachel about how “Kids Club” will operate when school begins
Susie Vybiral CEO and Founder of Room Redux tells Rachel about how they transform the rooms of children who have suffered abuse to give them a new safe space to heal.
David Ricker with Communities In Schools tells Rachel about the upcoming annual school supply drive “Stuff the Bus”.
Dr. Dorothy Overman talks with Rachel about the concerns regarding students returning to school and safety measures as we continue to battle the Coronavirus.
Ashley Woodward Clinic Director for Volunteers In Medicine tells Rachel about their mission and how we can help.
Alice Jewell CEO the McKenna Foundation talks with Rachel about the ongoing problem with the lack of affordable workforce housing in our community, how it has been amplified during the pandemic, and the committee working on solutions.
David Garcia Youth Services Director at Recovery Werks tells Rachel how they differ from other substance abuse recovery programs and how they cater mostly to teens and young adults.
Alice Jewell CEO with the McKenna Foundation tells Rachel the Comal Emergency Relief effort/team is still providing resources to those affected by Covid-19 through many different avenues including and they are in need of donations.
Eloise Hudson Communications Coordinator for CASA of Central Texas tells Rachel that they are in a push for 50 new volunteers for CASA volunteers by the end of the year, they have more children in foster care that they have volunteers to advocate on their behalf and she make a plea for the community to step up to learn to bea CASA volunteer.


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