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Connecting with NBU - 

KGNB Friday's in 2016 will be filled with Tx DoT AND MORE! New Braunfels Utilities was our first addition to Friday's, and now KGNB will be adding more groups and agencies. Friday's will soon be "Community Connections,"  School is NOT in session right now, and others from our regular "A Closer Look" series are off for the next week or more; so, we've already invited the New Braunfels Parks and Recreation Department, the New Braunfels Library, New Braunfels Capital Programs Management, Comal County's Public Health Department, and New Braunfels City Manager Robert Camareno to the studio. Some of these will be filling in spots for us over the holidays. On Friday, January 1st., we'll have City Manger Robert Camareno with us to talk about projects and plans for  New Braunfels in the new year. On January 8th., Josh Donat with TxDoT will be back, then NBU will return on January 15th. Comal County Public Health Director, Gwen Mills will talk a little about flu, and hopefully about the Highly Infectious Disease Workshop that will be taking place in New Braunfels on our January 22nd. show. If you have someone or a particular group or agency in the community that you'd like to hear from, please let us know. You can also send in your questions, to newsdesk@kgnb.am. We hope you'll enjoy our new, Community Connections. KGNB News Manager, Jessie Slaten. 

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Once a month, KGNB features a special with New Braunfels Utilities