New Braunfels Nights w/ Jay Hein

Jay Hein

New Braunfels Nights ends the day or begins the evening, depending on your perspective.

From 5 until 9 we play the cool Americana music to help you decompress after work and school or get you ready to head out and see a live show. You'll hear performances at concerts and quite a few done in our studios.

If you like those KNBT live cuts, check out this show within the show - Wednesday Night Live.

It's an hour of songs played by some of your favorite artists live at 92.1fm. Usually acoustic, many times the first time the song has been played anywhere other than the performers living room or tour bus. That's at 7pm Wednesdays.

I'll talk to you during the night - briefly - since I want to play as much of this unique music as possible.

Thanks for listening to New Braunfels Nights.

Jay Hein signing off.